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Aluminum Blinds


Aluminum blinds are also known as mini blinds. They are basically horizontal blinds with narrow, long slats held together by string. If you compare with regular Venetian blinds, they are half in width and mostly made of aluminum material. You can open them by directly pulling the rod or by rotating it.

Blinds Details

Aluminum is quickly becoming America’s favorite in almost all items. Not only is aluminum strong, and durable, it is also very cost-effective, and does not decay very easily. this blinds became a thing because aluminum looks very beautiful, even if it’s not painted.

Aluminum blinds are almost similar to Venetian blinds; the only difference being the fact that the blinds are made from aluminum. Another difference that can be noticed is the fact that you use a rod instead of a cord for the blinds. In terms of practicality, though, we would definitely recommend aluminum blinds. Not only are they easy to install, but they also look stunning in modern places with the minimalistic look.

This blinds are generally known as mini-blinds too. Aluminum blinds are a great combination of privacy with beauty. If one were to compare the size of the blind with a Venetian blind, an educated guess would say that these aluminum blinds are almost half in width to Venetian blinds.

The blinds that we do offer can be painted with different colors depending on your taste, and demand. If you are looking for funky-colored blinds to surprise and render potential investors speechless in the office workplace, now is the chance to place an order, and spook them so.

Our blinds come in various different shapes, and can even be installed on doors with shallow depth. If you place an order now, you can also choose your own custom size that fits perfectly on your window, or door for the best privacy options.

  • Different Color 
  • Different Shapes
  • All Custom Size are Available  
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