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Blinds are a type of window covering that is made of horizontal and vertical slats of various types of hard material such as metal, plastic, and wood. The cords that run smoothly through the slats can be maneuvered either automatically or manually. The blinds block light by overlapping and blocking the sunlight. The slats are rotated in an open position to overlap them with each other.

Window coverings are very different from blinds because they are made up of soft material instead of separated slats. However, the term ‘blinds’ is now used to describe and categorize window coverings.

Purpose of Blinds

There are many purposes of putting blinds on the window. Some of them are:

  • Stop excess sunlight from passing through.
  • Ensuring privacy.
  • Safety against the prying eyes of robbers and intruders.

An effective way of controlling house temperature

Types of Blinds

If you are looking for home blinds to put on your windows for beauty and safety both, here are some blinds, categorized mainly by the material.

Motorized Blinds Las Vegas

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds, operated by remote.The motor allows the blind to be opened, closed or tilted.Safe For Children, good option for blinds that are difficult to reach.

Faux Wood Blinds Las Vegas

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds, High Quality Blinds, resistant to moisture,simply imitation wood blinds,made out of a composite PVC. insulating the room from outside heat.


Wood Shades

Wood blinds feature many horizontal slates of wood, joined to each other through a cord pulley system.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds

Durable, resistant to moisture, good choice for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms,resistant to corrosion, very easy to clean.

Zebra Blinds Las Vegas

Zebra Blinds

Zebra Shades are Roller shades that allow you to transition between sheer and privacy. The blinds can be adjusted so that the 3″ zebra stripes line up-offering privacy, light control, and insulation.


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are slats made of different material with vertical lengths

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