Cellular Shades


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Cellular Shades


Cellular shades are a type of window covering with the specialty of insulation. The cell shapes held together to trap the air between them and create a barrier between the window and the room.

They can be customized easily into a single cell, double cell or even triple cell. Unlike other shades, cellular shades are made of very soft material such as paper cloth or paper-like material. One example of such material is polyester

Blinds Details

You must have studied about insulation in second or third-grade science. Anyways, cellular shades are a really attractive experiment gone correct, and they are here to help you insulate your home. Insulation is the act of keep the house warm or cold in any room just enough that it is comfortable for the people inside to live a cozy life. 

Cellular shades look like small cells, or “tubes’ that are combined together in single-cell, double-cell or even triple-cell combinations. Our special cellular can be customized into all three types, depending on what design you like better.

Our cellular shades are made from very soft material, and this helps trap more air in-between. Most of it is installed to cover windows, but some people also prefer installing them on doors with very little space at the bottom for breathing.

The reason it is so soft is that they are made of polyester. Polyester is a very high-quality polymer fiber, and can usually be found in branded durable clothes – usually dress shirts. Polyester is also water-resistant.

Because cellular shades are technically trapping air in-between, they are also helping your house stay clean of any bacteria that are trying to commute and enter your home via the air.
Our blinds not only look good, and work well, but they are also able to do much more depending on how you look at these craftsman’s masterpieces.

  • Color Variety
  • Custom Size 
  • Single Cell
  • Double Cell
  • Triple Cell
  • For More Information how the blinds created – click here

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Cellular Shades

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