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If everything else is automated at your house, why not the blinds? Motorized blinds are a perfect example of home technology. Blinds with the addition of automated or motorized rod or track can make your home protected from sunlight and prying eyes of intruders. There are various types of blinds as well such as battery-powered blinds, solar-powered blinds, hardwired motorized blinds (need a power source nearby), and DC power adapter blinds.

In our opinion, being able to open blinds, roll them over or swish them just by touching a button is one of the best home luxuries in this era. Yes, motorized blinds are a reality thanks to advancements in home automation.

It’s comforting to know that motorized blinds can be automatically controlled through your phone, remote control or iPad.

Blinds Service

Our  service and product include programming the motorized blinds system so that it could be able to function at pre-set times to make your life even easier than before.

Would not you love if your blinds would roll over as you wake up in the morning or if the blinds would fall automatically in your child’s room when its night time?

We are an experienced service that offers a wide range of motorized blinds according to an individual’s needs. Our team builds intelligent blinds designs for ease of operation. Usually, blinds are far or too hard to reach, but our product has made it possible to choose from silent, colorful and stylish blinds.

Not only do we offer the finest quality motorized blinds but also cost-effective installation services. Let’s not waste time any further and jump to our wide range of blinds that come with our expert installation services.

zebra blinds

Interior shutters are available in different designs. Each design has its own specifications. Some of the designs are as follows:

Motorized Blinds

Motorized Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are among the top choice of homeowners because they provide privacy, controlled access to sunlight and match with any type of home décor. We sell motorized roller blinds in various fabrics. You can either choose an aluminum fascia or fabric cassette blinds. If you want to consider economical options, we have them too. Our blinds are available in two options- hardwire and wire-free.

Motorized Blinds Las Vegas

Motorized Roman Blinds

Control sunlight with a single button through our motorized roman blinds. If you are looking for a soft window covering, consider these. We also have fancy fabric for our roman blinds that could easily attract friends and family members. Roman blinds are of two kinds- hardwired blinds that require a power source and wire-free blinds that require no power source.

Motorized Blinds las Vegas

Motorized Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds might be the most convenient option for you to choose if you have irregularly shaped windows in your house. The cellular blinds are more energy efficient because they block out heat and cold from outside. They have an insulation layer. Our cellular motorized work only on batteries. Moreover, the batteries need to be changed after each year.

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