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roller shades

Roller Shades

If you want a clean appearance and premium style shades for your windows, there’s nothing better than to opt for roller shades. No matter if your house is modern or of a traditional setting, they look as beautiful as the sky. They require minimal space and available in a variety of colors and fabrics.

How Do Roller Shades Work?

Roller shades have stiff colored fabric wrapped around a hollow tube with spring and a ratchet. At the bottom of the fabric is a pull-tab that lets you rotate and pull-up the blinds without touching the fabric or material.

If the roller shades are manual, then the ratchet and the sidewinders lock the blinds at different positions.

If the roller shades are large, they are controlled, raised up and raised down by remote control.

The fabric which is wrapped around a hollow tube is pulled down and up to pass or block sunlight in the room. The internal ratchet, attached with a spring lets you set the shades into different levels or heights. The spring attached to the ratchet basically adjusts the operating tension in the roller shades.

Advantages of Roller Shades

Roller shades prove to be an optimal choice whenever you need to treat your windows. Some of the advantages of roller shades include:

Simple Design

Roller shades have a streamlined look, providing uncluttered and clear vision in the home. If your house setting is minimal, going for the shade option is better.

Manage Sunlight with Ease

As I have told earlier, roller shades can be set at different heights. The setting usually depends on the amount of sunlight you want in your house.

Moreover, many fabrics are available in roller shades that provide heat and UV rays protection. In short, the fabric creates a solar screen.

Motorized Options

For ease of operation, many roller shades come with motorized options as well. If your windows are far to reach, you can use a remote control to rotate the roller shades. With one press of a button, you can adjust the sunlight coming into your house through the window.

roller shades

Types of Roller Shades

Roller shades are versatile in nature. Some of the roller shades options that we have are:


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