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roman shades


Roman shades fall under the category of roller shades. They are different from typical window covering because they stack up evenly when they are opened. When the roman shades are rotated, they are not ribbed and bumpy but instead, smooth, unlike vertical shades.

Roman shades are available in classic as well as looped style. While classic roman shades provide depth, looped roman shades provide dimension as well as depth. Moreover, natural materials, such as bamboo can also be used to make roman shades.


Roman Shades are also a type of roller shades that roll up and down through a specific mechanism. If you are a classy boss, who is looking to make his or her office very professional-looking, and protect it from the sun and the glare, roman shades are a really premium option for you.

Roman shades are very different from classic shades in the way that these shades do not fold themselves when they are rolled up. Instead, they roll up in boxes or rectangles that just go up or down. If you are looking to impress your employees just by rolling the curtains up and down in a cool villain-like manner, now is the time to do so. Our special Roman shades also come in a variety of colors. You might even find a color that suits your villain-like aura. Of course, if you want to go the Evangelion route, you can also take that.

Our roman shades are available in both classic and looped styles. Classic styles provide depth, while looped styles provide dimension as well as depth. Moreover, these classic styles also look really attractive.

Our roman shades are made from one of the strongest materials when it comes to wood: bamboo. Bamboo not only lasts many years but is also durable, so it can survive a few thousand stretches to the least. If you order our roman shades right now, you also get the option to choose between the sizes that you want for your shades. We are also open to custom sizes options if that is what you want.

  • Color Variety by Catalog 
  • Custom Size for your blinds if needed

Types of Roller Shades

Roller shades are versatile in nature. Some of the roller shades options that we have are:

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