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Exterior Solar Panel

solar screens are a type of window covering that covers outside of a window. They are very similar to standard size window screens. The primary difference between the window screens and solar screens is that they reduce the heat gain that is generated when the heat from the sun rays is passed through the windows.

The exterior solar screens come with heavy-duty window frames instead of standard window screens and are normally of full size to maximize the benefit of heat reduction.

Although the outside of the windows may seem dark the view from inside is clearly visible. When the color is in a darker shade, it might look like you are watching the view with glasses on. However, the view this way becomes even better and clear than without the solar screen.

How Do Exterior Solar Screens Work?

  • Exterior solar screens feature a polyester weave as well as a good coating of PVC for special screen mesh effect and durability. As the name suggests, they are typically installed outside the windows.

    Though installing them is not the most efficient method of heat gain reduction, but they do help in reducing the heat gain coefficients. They usually black out the windows from outside, stopping the outsiders to have a view of inside.

Exterior Solar Screen Pros

Looking for advantaged and pros of exterior solar screens for a cost-effective yet good window treatment? Worry not, here are some pros to help you out:

Most Cost-Effective Method

If you are looking for the most cost-effective method to reduce heat gain from the sun rays, solar screens are the most inexpensive solutions.

If you install them all by yourself, they can cost you even less than $50 for a 35*70 inches window.

Protects Your Privacy During the Day

It protects your privacy during the day. The dark shade of solar screens does not allow the outsiders to pry eyes on your privacy. However, if you have lights on, the view from outside is as visible as from the inside. Moreover, it does not block the view at night.

UV Protection

Solar screens also block UV rays from the windows. This protects your furniture, drapes, paintings, curtains and other valuables from discoloration and color fading.


Common Exterior Solar Screen Types

Solar screen properties vary from material to material. While some solar screens keep the home cool while some provide ultimate blockage from sun heat.
There are various types of solar screens. Most common ones are:

65% solar

insect screen. This solar screen has a mesh to keep out insects.


75% Sunscreen.

This screen is of great quality and made of fiberglass material. It is expensive as compared to other solar sunscreens.


85% Textilene

Suntex solar screen. This type of solar screen is hail as well as pest resistant. If you are looking for a temporary solution to stop heat and cold from coming inside, consider this option.


95% Textilene

Suntex solar screen. It is a hail-resistant sunscreen with 95% heat and cold-blocking capacity.

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