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Solar shades are basically roller shades that are featured with fabric to reduce infrared heat gain and glare. It does not only increase the thermal performance of the windows but also provide full privacy with a maintained view.

If your window is in a room with a television or computer, the best window treatment is to put up solar shades.


The sun is one of the most-evil enemies that can possibly hurt you today. Because of the increasing effects of global warming, and not much effort that is being done to decrease the ever-so-increasing temperatures of the benevolent Earth, it is becoming increasingly clear that you need some sort of protection against the sun. The ozone layer is no longer enough.

Plus, with the temperatures as high as they usually are in Summer’s, it should definitely not be a good option for most people to stay in their homes without some sort of protection.

Solar shades are somewhat designed for this very purpose. If we had to sum it all up, solar shades are basically roller shades but built to protect the indoors from the blazing glare of the sun.

Solar shades are built with reducing infrared heat glare & temperature increase in mind. For areas where the sun’s light is an issue, and are not protected by the towering apartments’ shades, solar shades are the next best protection that anyone could ask for. These are very easy to install, and should at least be installed in the rooms with your computer systems and televisions.

The number of people that are suffering from strokes in the states is increasing every year, so be sure to stay hydrated, and protect yourself at home with the help of these solar shades.
Our special shades have a massive color variety that varies depending on each catalog too. Not only this but if you order them right now, you can also customize your own shades’ size.

  • Color Variety by Catalog 
  • Custom Size for your Shades if needed

Types of Roller Shades

Roller shades are versatile in nature. Some of the roller shades options that we have are:

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