Vertical Blinds


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vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are slats made of different material with vertical lengths. They are operated either by a wand or a plastic chain. The pieces of fabric are clipped directly to a sliding track and are held together by louvers to ensure that they are weighted equally across the blinds track.


Vertical blinds are very common on home theaters and other big stages where the bigger level of blinds is needed that does not break & are extremely durable. Many people use blinds in their homes too, mainly because their windows are installed vertically, and are not in perfect square shape. For people who have verandas, and glass doors on the inside, blinds are a really great option. Other people who are interested in the Japanese culture, and install sliding doors should also find vertical blinds as a great option to choose.

The best thing about  blinds is the fact that there is no single material to choose from. It can be crafted from various different materials that are available to the craftsman, and are usually operated by a wand or a plastic chain. Vertical blinds may take some time to get used to – when trying to operate for the first few weeks – but after that, they prove to be a great option. Louvers hold together these vertical blinds to ensure that the beauty of the blinds is not lost but actually looks attractive enough for everyone in the room.  

We have a variety of blinds to choose from, and it is up to you to choose which design you want. Not only that, but we can also paint these blinds in colors that you prefer. If you place an order right now, you can also choose the size of the vertical blind on your own – as custom-size vertical blinds are also available.

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