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wood blinds


feature many horizontal slates of wood, joined to each other through a cord pulley system. They are very similar to Venetian blinds. When pulled upwards, all the slats gather and reveal the whole view from outside the window.

Wood Blinds Details

Nothing is worse than sunlight destroying your perfect candid picture to upload on your Facebook and Instagram. Ever wanted to make the perfect indoor selfie, but the lightning was covering your best features? Well, fret not! Wood blinds are here to save the day.

Our craftsmen have been carefully analyzing the trends over the years, and it would seem that wood blinds are indeed one of the best ways to block the sunlight, help take better pics, and even improve indoor ambiance.

Our wood blinds are manually supported with the help of a cord pulley system. Pull a card, and you will be able to close up the blinds. Pull the other cord, and you will be able to open up the blinds. It’s as simple as that. There is no complex system involved, and the repairability factor is very high. The blinds also don’t scratch the windows, so you can rest in perfect harmony.

Not only are blinds affordable, but there are a variety of shapes, and sizes available. If you contact us right now, we can even custom-make sizes for you that will fit your window.

All blinds are extremely high quality: made of high-quality aluminum alloy tracks & contain materials that are hand-picked by our excellent craftsmen for the best homes.

The wood blinds that we offer come in multiple designs, and you can easily choose between designs. If we were to compare our blinds with anything, we would say that these blinds are the most comparable to Venetian Blinds.

  • Different Wood Design 
  • All Size are Available  

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