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zebra blinds


Zebra Blinds are Roller shades that allow you to transition between sheer and privacy.

Zebra blinds are a modern alternative option to blinds. They have adjustable zebra stripes offering insulation, sunlight control, and privacy. They are basically roller shades that allow you to choose between privacy and sheer. For instance, if you want to have a look outside, you can rotate half of the slats and keep the other half slates closed. Or, if you want complete privacy, you can pull down the whole blinds.

Zebra Blinds Details

Looking to cover your beautiful house in the arts that look like the majestic yet breath-taking zebras? Well, fret no further. We have zebra binds that have been carefully crafted to help your house looks adorable as can be, while also making sure that it gets the job done.

Blinds are not exactly what they supposedly sound like – most  blinds are crafted to help your house improve privacy. In fact, zebra blinds are just roller blinds that are can transition from privacy to sheer, and vice versa, through a single pull-able cord.

Our zebra blinds come in 7 filtering options and 4 blackout options.

Not only do our blinds provide the best privacy for your beautiful house, but they can also protect your home from extra sunlight indoors, with the help of high-quality material. We are using the highest quality of soft sheer fabrics to ensure that you get the best possible experience out of these blinds.
By manually adjusting the blinds, you can also make cool shades right inside your house, through shadow manipulation.

It is no long-tale that zebra blinds are scientifically proven to help block out 99% of harmful UV radiation from the sun, inside the house. If you think that the sun is too strong for you, just close the blinds completely. All it takes is a single slide from the blinds to do so. Zebra blinds are also known as Layered blinds or Dual blinds, as they are a hybrid of the average-joe blinds & roller shades.

  • They are mostly available in 4 blackout options and 7 filtering options

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